lilangel32583 (lilangel32583) wrote in ceramic_tiles,

The Faery Tiles

Hello, I created this community so people with similar interests in ceramics can feel free to post their pictures of latest artwork and get valuable feedback, I hope everyone gets good use of this community. I will start it off by entering my own project, my newest "The Faery Tiles"..she is still green, feel free to leave feedback, all critism is constructive.

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So how do you fire your tiles? I have been making tiles with cone 6 clay in our ceramic studio. They have had some horrid habits of curling, cracking... not to meantion using underglazes, and having the clear glaze act unreliably.... Do you have any of these problems? Have any solutions?

Your fairy is beautiful. I'm more into sketches of Folk Musicians. My friend Rosey has been done some awesome birds.
Well to start with, I spread out my slabs, and set it (careful not to bend it) on a board covered with newspaper, I use wood, but small peices of drywall works excellently to help pull out excess moisture. I then lay another sheet of newspaper and another board on top of it, sometimes I put a heavy book on top of my "slab sandwich" to give it extra pressure and help stay flat, and I leave it overnight to firm up a little bit. The next day I'll cut out my tiles. I run my fingers along the edge of the tiles, to realign the clay body at the edges (to keep from cracking), and to smooth off the edges a bit. I turn the tiles over and use a ribbon tool to gouge out grooves underneath to keep them from bendind/exploding in the kiln. Then I lay my tiles back on the board for one more night of firming, putting them in stacks of two or three help ALOT in keeping them flat, making sure I've got them completely "sandwiched" in, lay an object on top for a little added security. The next day, I lay my tiles out (it helps to number the back of the tiles, so you know exactly what order you had them in), and I add my relief image (in this case a faery). I lay my tiles back out, sandwich them in between boards again, and I wrap the whole thing COMPLETELY in plastic, allowing them to dry out slowly, this is the only way to prevent cracking and bending in this stage of the process, flip the tiles every 24 hours. This takes about a week. (Making really good tiles is not a quick process). When my tiles are completely dry, I bisque them at cone 04, and then I use whatever glazes I desire...if you're having problems with your glazes, you may want to make sure that you're firing them at the proper temperature, I mix my own glazes, but it always says what to fire them at in the recipe, if you used bottle glazes, each bottle should say what to fire it at. You also what to make sure that the glazes you use, are consistant with the type of clay, if you're using Cone 6 clay with a transparent cone 06 glaze, you'll have adverse reactions between the two (chemically), and you wont get what you expected.
All of my underglazes are cone 05, I don't know if all underglazes should be fired so low, but if they should be, and you're firing them at 06, that might be your problem. I use alot of Vashon White Clay, and Kalamath, they seem to work the best for tiles.
I'm just curious why you created 2 different ceramics communities.